Divorce in Astrology

Divorce in Astrology


Divorce in Astrology: Traditionally, the dependence on Vedic Astrology has been there since ages and it continues to inspire more and more people even today. We normally rely on astrological predictions to find solutions to the problems that we face and which are not going away any time soon. It could be related to health, job, career, finance, relationships, marriage, divorce, etc.

In this article, we will be sharing astrological insights into divorce and how or whether astrology can predict and/or prevent divorces. However, it should be remembered that astrology cannot be used as a tool to predict divorces accurately. Rather, one can gain a significant insight into one’s relationship before or during marriage using astrology.

Divorce in Horoscope & Divorce in Vedic Astrology

In vedic astrology, normally, by studying the individual horoscope and the planetary positions and combinations, an astrologer can study the aspect of divorce. This is because certain combinations of the planet in the birth chart can reveal potential challenges and areas of conflict.

The 7th House in an individual’s birth chart represents marriage and relationships while this House also represents divorce. However, there are many common or general planetary combinations that gives one an idea whether a divorce is present and unavoidable. If there is scope, they will also suggest remedies to avoid the occurrence of divorce.

Principally, the planets with negative influence such as Rahu, Ketu, Venus, and Mars are considered as agents of divorce. Even though astrology is a precise science based on mathematics, it is not to be used as a tool to predict divorce, just as it is not correct to find out the sex of the child to be born. However, it is advised that you may consult a competent astrologer and ask him to read your horoscope when starting looking for marriage alliances and match the individual birth chars of both the boy and the girl and seek their advice / guidance.

Divorce Combination in Astrology

  • 1.      A volatile and combative nature can arise at the time of conjunction of Mars and Saturn or Saturn happens to be at the 7th House.
  • 2.      One can experience conflict in relationships and disharmony in the Venus-Mars square.
  • 3.      The balance and harmony of life can undergo disturbances in the Rahu-Ketu axis.
  • 4.      There is a strong possibility of divorce and separation during the transit of Mars and Saturn.
  • 5.      Venus, the 7th Lord can be responsible for disputes and enemies while at the 6th House. Similarly, it can contribute to detachment and loss when it is in the 12th House.
  • 6.      In vedic astrology, the 6th House represents setbacks and bad things like disputes, enemies, disease, and the like. When the Lord of the 8th House (it will be different based on an individual’s horoscope) occupies the 6th House, then it is an indication of misfortune and obstacles.
  • 7.      For cordial and loving relationships, the position of Venus and Moon should be aligned well. If they happen to be in an adverse position, then it may lead to conflicts and compatibility issues.

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Divorce Prediction Astrology

There are a whole lot of factors that contribute to divorce. The houses that will be in play during such occurrences of divorce are second, sixth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth. If any of these houses is impacted by an evil planet, or the house itself becomes weak, then there are chances of separation or divorce.

In India, before marriage, it is a common practice to match the horoscopes to find out how well they match with each other. During that stage, if you show your horoscope to a professional / competent astrologer, he will find out the compatibility factors and the longevity of marriage and will guide you accordingly. This way one can completely avoid divorces from happening.

Simple Divorce Calculator Astrology

Divorce is an emotionally and financially draining process for any married couple, especially so when they have children. As the name stands, the astrology calculator predicts the possibility of divorce when you put in some key data such as your date of birth and your spouse’s date of birth. Based on the accuracy of the input provided by you, the calculator will automatically work out the other details in the background, planetary alignment at the time of marriage, the occupancy of the planets in different houses at the present time, etc., and come out with a prediction with a percentage number for the possibility of divorce.

A word of caution. This tool is not and cannot be used as the ultimate valid tool for deciding on divorces or to find out about divorce. It is advised that you strictly consult a qualified astrologer for this purpose and not place too much reliance on this calculator.

Divorce in Astrology

Divorce Signs in Astrology

The Lord of the native, planetary positions and the House that it occupies, the presence of divorce yog in an individual’s birth chart, the balancing effect of planets – the negative impacts with the positive impacts, the adverse position of two planets and more number of related aspects play a crucial role in predicting divorce. These aspects give the definite signs to a seasoned astrologer, who, after careful study of all these important factors, gives you the percentage possibility of a divorce. Wherever there is scope, and a possibility, to avoid such a divorce, the astrologer will guide you accordingly.

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Needless to say, the couple who are divorcing undergo tremendous emotional and financial stress. This worsens if they have a child. A lot of planning and preparation is required for this kind of eventuality.

Therefore, it is always safe and wise to do the matching of horoscopes at the time of marriage itself from a reputed astrologer and perform suggested remedies, in case some future conflicts and compatibility issues are found during such match making.

It is for this reason, one should not rely on online tools like divorce calculator and, instead, take the services of an experienced and competent vedic astrologer on such issues.

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