What will be the result for the planet Ketu in the 4th house of the horoscope


If the planet Ketu is in an auspicious place in the fourth house in the horoscope, then such a person has faith in God and is lucky for his father and teacher. Such a person is blessed with a son. The fourth house in the horoscope belongs to the Moon, which is considered the enemy of Ketu. Ketu’s influence can impact the relationship with the mother. The native may experience difficulties in understanding or connecting with their mother on an emotional level. This could result in a strained or distant relationship.

According to Acharya Shri Gopal ji, an accomplished Vedic astrologer from ‘Mangal Bhawan,’ Ketu’s influence extends to all twelve houses of the horoscope, impacting each house in distinct ways. Here is a general overview of how Ketu can affect the different houses: The person gets to see the result of these effects directly and indirectly on his life as well.

In astrology, the planet Ketu is considered as a cruel planet, but if the planet Ketu is at an important place in the horoscope, then the natives also get good results from it and if it is in the afflicted state, then it gives inauspicious results to the native. Let us know in detail how the planet Ketu affects the fourth house-

Planet Ketu in the fourth house: Significance

In Vedic scriptures, Ketu केतु ग्रह is often classified as an inauspicious or malefic planet. However, it is crucial to note that the presence of Ketu doesn’t always guarantee unfavorable or negative outcomes for individuals. In fact, Ketu can bestow auspicious results as well. Ketu holds immense significance as the planet responsible for spirituality, introspection, liberation, and profound esoteric knowledge.

Despite its association with challenges, Ketu’s influence can lead individuals towards a path of enlightenment and inner growth. It encourages a deeper understanding of the self and fosters a sense of tranquility. Moreover, Ketu’s energy can unlock hidden potentials and ignite a thirst for spiritual wisdom, making it an essential component in one’s journey towards self-realization and higher consciousness.

According to astrological principles, Rahu is not assigned ownership of any zodiac sign, meaning it does not rule over any specific sign. However, it is said to have a debilitated (weakened) influence on Sagittarius, while Ketu is considered exalted in this sign. Similarly, in Gemini, Ketu is debilitated, while Rahu is believed to be exalted.

The fourth house in the birth chart deals with mental peace, family life, personal relatives, home, prosperity, joy, convenience, land and ancestral property, small pleasures, education, vehicle and neck and shoulders. According to astrologers, the fourth house is called the house of mother. In this house, the residence, family life and general life of the person is depicted. In this sense, the understanding of the secret things related to the family can be obtained. The fourth house in the horoscope is ruled by Cancer and the lord of this zodiac is the planet Moon.


Planet Ketu in 4th house: Auspicious and inauspicious effects

  • If the planet Ketu is situated in the fourth house of any native, then it gives auspicious results, under the influence of which the native becomes brave and strong.
  • Such people believe in speaking the truth. Most of the people are sweet-spoken. There is no dearth of money and grains for these people.
  • Such people get good and cooperation from their brothers and friends.
  • But Ketu located in this house can also become the cause of many types of sorrows for the native. Under whose influence the native can be fickle and talkative.
  • Such people are negligent in doing their work. Lack of enthusiasm can often be seen in these people.
  • Due to the effect of Ketu, you will be a person of Pitta nature and will be critical of others. Therefore, people will start considering you as a person of ill will.
  • These people get less happiness from their mother. Or the health of the mother may remain bad. Many types of troubles continue to be received through friends also.
  • According to astrology, these people do not get the pleasure of their ancestral property, either you may have to be deprived of ancestral wealth. It is possible that some of your own or friends may be helpful in destroying your ancestral wealth.
  • In the event of destruction of ancestral wealth, you may have to wander in the country or abroad to earn money, friends may also leave you.
  • Financial problems may have to be faced. You are also afraid of poisoning. Such people do not get to enjoy the happiness of living in their home.

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Having Ketu positioned in the fourth house of an individual’s birth chart can bring about a blend of both positive and negative consequences. Nonetheless, the influence of the enigmatic planet Ketu holds significant importance in shaping the life of the native, fostering a deep connection with spirituality. Similar to the pivotal role of a mentor or guru in one’s journey towards success, Ketu acts as a catalyst in enhancing the native’s intellect and cultivating patience.

According to Vedic astrology, the impact of Ketu typically endures for approximately seven years, with its alignment with the Moon potentially intensifying the adverse outcomes. Fortunately, there are effective astrological remedies available to alleviate the negative effects of Ketu in the fourth house. By implementing these remedies, one can transform their life into a harmonious and joyous existence.

Ketu in the 4th house Astrology Related- FAQ-

Q- What are the results of the planet Ketu in the fourth house in the horoscope?

An- In the horoscope, Ketu being inauspicious in the fourth house makes the native unhappy and his mother also suffers. In this house, the native gets both favorable and unfavorable results from the planet Ketu.

Q- Is Ketu a shadow planet?

An- Yes, according to the scriptures, the planet Ketu is the torso of the demon Swara Bhanu.

Q- In astrology, Ketu planet is said to be related to what?

An- In astrology, the planet Ketu has been described as related to spirituality.

Q- Whose place is the fourth house in the horoscope?

An- The fourth house in the birth chart deals with mental peace, family life, personal relatives, home, prosperity, joy, convenience, land and ancestral property, small pleasures, education, vehicle and neck and shoulders.

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