If Rahu planet is situated in the 10th house of the horoscope, will the result be auspicious or inauspicious?


From an astrological perspective, if the planet Rahu is positioned unfavorably in the tenth house of a native’s birth chart, it often leads to dissatisfaction in their professional field. Additionally, they may face opposition from others and experience tension from authoritative figures. Such individuals may encounter more struggles and less success in their lives. Therefore, when Rahu is situated in the tenth house of the birth chart, it primarily affects the native’s actions and endeavors.

In astrology, all of us have 12 houses in our birth charts. These houses depict various aspects of our lives. Each house has its own significance and role. However, even though our birth charts may be similar, why do we have different personalities? The reason lies in the positions of the nine planets in the 12 houses of our birth charts.

When any planet among the nine celestial bodies in the solar system is positioned in these houses of the birth chart, it directly influences us and our lives. Therefore, through this article, we have explained the consequences of the presence of the Rahu planet in the tenth house of your birth chart. 

According to the renowned astrologer Shri Anand of ‘Mangal Bhavan’, the planet Rahu holds significant importance among all the celestial bodies. In Vedic astrology, Rahu is termed as an extremely malefic and deceptive planet. When positioned unfavorably in a native’s birth chart, it can lead to mental stress and financial difficulties. Additionally, Rahu and Ketu are also considered shadow planets. 

The tenth house of the birth chart is considered a significant aspect of a native’s horoscope. The tenth house signifies father, business, high-profile jobs, politics, worldly comforts, prestige, and fame. This house is also referred to as the ‘house of karma’. Additionally, the tenth house in the birth chart indicates information about the native’s career and profession.

  • The influence of the Rahu planet in the tenth house makes the native strong and courageous. Additionally, individuals affected by this placement may possess intelligence, altruism, and a constant concern for others. At times, they may also develop proud tendencies, which gradually diminish the ego within them. According to astrology, these individuals may have an interest in poetry and literature. Furthermore, they may excel as distinguished writers or editors.
  • Due to the favorable influence of Rahu, these individuals attain success, honor, fame, and excellence throughout their lives. They may hold positions of authority in a community, village, or city. With Rahu positioned favorably, these individuals may even become ministers or commanders. They benefit from the effects of Rahu by participating in sacred rituals like bathing in the Ganges. Additionally, they engage in religious activities such as rituals, prayers, and ceremonies. They consistently emerge victorious over their enemies, hence encountering few adversaries.
  • According to astrology, there might be a low number of children for some individuals. However, their business tends to thrive, and they are often avid travelers. Such individuals also find success in court and legal matters. 
  • However, having Rahu in the previous state is troublesome for the native. Therefore, despite facing hardships in the initial phase, these individuals eventually achieve success. According to astrological advice, one should avoid becoming lazy and lacking enthusiasm. It’s essential to perform tasks regularly and consistently. One should steer clear of unnecessary pride and addictive habits.
  • According to astrological advice, you should perform remedies for Mars (Mangal) and the Moon (Chandra) planets.
  • Feed the visually impaired (blind) people.
  • Regularly donate oil in a Saturn temple every Saturday.
  • Cover your head with a black or blue cap. 
  • Go to a temple and offer either 4 kilograms or 400 grams of sugar, or pour it into water.

In conclusion, it is evident that individuals with Rahu in the tenth house possess good business skills and literary knowledge. However, success often comes after enduring hardships in life. As advice, it is good to be ambitious, but individuals should avoid using wrong methods to achieve their goals.

Q- What results does Rahu planet give in the tenth house?

An- When Rahu affects the individual’s life by being positioned in the tenth house, there tends to be more struggle and less success. In this manner, whenever Rahu is placed in the tenth house of the birth chart, it primarily influences the native’s actions and endeavors.

Q- Who are the ruling planets of the tenth house of the horoscope?

An- The ruling planets of the tenth house are the Sun and Saturn.

Q- How is the career of the person due to the influence of Rahu in the tenth house?

An- Individuals with Rahu in the tenth house often possess good business skills. Their literary knowledge is also considered excellent.

Q- Is Rahu auspicious in the tenth house?

An- For individuals with Rahu in the tenth house, there are some challenges, but success often comes after enduring hardships in life.

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