Know what will be the role of Venus in the fourth house of the horoscope.


In astrology, the planet Venus in the fourth house of the horoscope gives good results for the person in most of the cases. Due to its auspicious effect, the person will be considered physically beautiful as well as a wealthy person with charitable nature. Such people are tactful, brave and happy people. However, these people may have a slight tendency to talkativeness. Such people are generous at heart and always think about the welfare of others. Along with this, they also have good interest in religious activities. Such people always remain happy.

According to experienced astrologer ‘Acharya Vandana Ji’ from ‘Mangal Bhavan’ and the principles of Jyotish Shastra, the influence of the Venus (Shukra) planet on the fourth house of the horoscope varies in different ways. Venus is considered a benefic planet, and its placement in an auspicious position in the Kundali can provide positive results, while its weakness may lead to unfavorable effects.

In the context of the fourth house, Venus can significantly impact various aspects of an individual’s life. The fourth house is associated with home, family, comfort, and happiness. Here’s a detailed exploration of how Venus affects the fourth house:

According to Vedic astrology, when the planet Venus is placed in the fourth house of a person’s horoscope, then it brings positive energy into the life of such a person. The influence of positive Venus helps the person to get all the pleasures, glory and luxuries of life. planet venus They give positive results in the domestic life of the native, they can provide the native with a constructive approach towards family life and achieving their objectives.

Due to the presence of Venus in the fourth position of the horoscope, such people can surprisingly attain wealth and long life. The presence of Venus in this house can give the person a beautiful appearance and effective personality. Along with this, these people have a feeling of helping others and they get happiness from this work. Such people are also blessed with some unique qualities and abilities; Which makes them different from other people.

The planet Venus in the fourth house works to give the person a more sensitive and emotionally responsible personality and due to this unique nature, they achieve success in various areas of life. The emotional and sensitive nature of these people works to add moral support to them.

Along with this, these people sometimes consider themselves different from others at other times. They do not display their achievements in front of people and always try to keep it secret. Due to the influence of Venus in the fourth house, the person gets the ability to speak less but clearly and succinctly. Venus inspires people to speak and fight against injustice and misbehavior.

In astrological calculations, while Venus in the fourth house of the horoscope gives many positive results to the person, due to some adverse circumstances, they can also give negative effects. The planet Venus, placed in adverse circumstances in this house of the horoscope, can have some negative impact on the family life of the person. Apart from this, these people may also have to face many problems in acquiring their personal property.

Such people may miss out on acquiring personal property by getting entangled in their family activities. Along with this, these people may have to face hesitation or difficulties in expressing their views in front of the person of the opposite sex. However, these problems can be overcome through some remedies and precautions mentioned in astrology. According to astrology, such people may face deception or betrayal in any relationship with their acquaintances.

Such a person may see negative effects on his relationships due to lack of proper communication with his acquaintances and dear ones. And such nature of theirs can ultimately lead to serious conflict situations in their life. Along with this, these people have a serious problem of giving importance to ego. They may also lose their social reputation and moral values ​​due to their ego.

Apart from this, Venus in the fourth house of the horoscope also gives positive results for the married life of the person. People with Venus in this house of the horoscope spend their married life with happiness and peace. Also, a strong bond of respect and love can be seen between them and their partner. Such people also appreciate the support and sacrifice of their life partner.

In astrology, donation of some things has been suggested for the good results of Venus, which are as follows-

  1. Donate diamonds (in the absence of Rs. 125), white clothes, white horse (in the absence of Rs. 125), Savats Dhenu, silver, scented rice, scented liquid, food etc.
  2. Venus Mantra- Chant Om Hreem Shukraya. The number of these Jap may be -21000,
  3. With alms of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, Adhidevata Indra, Pratyadhidevata Sachi, Bhargava Gotra, Vipra, Chaturbhuja, Bhojakata, white square figure in east direction, Ramamurti, Padma Paristha, Parashurama Avatar, white flowers, incense guggul, sacrificial food mixed with ghee, samidha gular etc Donate by mantra.

In astrological data, finally we can say that the planet Venus in the fourth house of the horoscope affects the person in both positive and negative ways. This house can change according to the influence of Venus, the conditions, outlook and actions of the person. However, due to the planet Venus, people experience happiness in any situation of life. Even if it is related to any aspect of life. Such people achieve success in almost all areas of life. In which the people get more happiness than other people in the areas of love relationship, physical happiness, luxury, vehicle, house, etc.

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Q- What happens if Venus is in the fourth house?

An- The person affected by the presence of Venus in this house is rich in both intelligence and knowledge and always remains happy. Their nature is very charitable and they serve their parents. These people are also interested in religious activities and spend quality time with their spouse.

Q- Whose fourth house is there in the horoscope?

An- In the horoscope, the fourth house symbolizes the family of the person. In this house, the person’s relationship with his mother and his attitude towards domestic life are revealed.

Q- Which planet is the ruling planet of the fourth house?

An- The ruling planet of the fourth house of the horoscope is Moon and the factor is also Moon.

Q- In which zodiac sign is Venus exalted?

An- In astrology, the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra is Venus. Virgo is considered to be the lowest zodiac sign of Venus while Pisces is considered to be the highest zodiac sign.

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