Venus in the 10th house of the horoscope will give moral conduct and peaceful nature.


Venus: According to Vedic astrology, Venus, placed in the tenth house of the horoscope, provides physical beauty to the person and along with this, such people are rich in attractive personalities. According to astrology, these people are very calm and sociable by nature. Such people try to avoid disputes. Generally, due to the influence of Venus in this house, the moral conduct of the people will be good.

Venus is considered to be the planet responsible for love, beauty, sophistication, sensuality etc. The tenth house of the horoscope indicates work, business, fame, respect etc. According to astrology, when the planet Venus comes in the tenth house of a person’s horoscope, then such a person can occupy a high position in his profession and at the same time he also gets a lot of popularity. Because these people have a strong desire to be praised.

Apart from this, knowledge about business, father’s honor, karma administration, job, authority, fame and leadership can also be obtained from the tenth house of the horoscope. People affected by Venus in this house are influential, socially prestigious and famous. Since the tenth house is the house of ‘karma’, the people give utmost importance to work. Along with this, Venus is the planet responsible for beauty and women. Therefore, under the influence of Venus, people are fond of means of enhancing their beauty like jewellery, fashion, clothes, make-up and make-up items to enhance the beauty of women and fashionable clothes.

Apart from this, Venus is also considered to be the planet responsible for arts, comforts and material resources like expensive items, decorative items etc. The tenth house is also called the house of business.

  • Hobbies\Interests
  • work, business and profession
  • social reputation
  • behavior towards others

People with the influence of Venus in the tenth house of the horoscope always want to be the center of attention and also like to have good social fame and make a good career from their hobbies. Others may consider them hypocrites because they believe in living a high lifestyle and like to meet and hang out with influential people. Other people do not view her attractive manners with respect, although some of them are admirers from a distance, because they project a good image about her to others that is both attractive and interesting.

People with the 10th house of the horoscope receive admirable praise for their charm, beauty, or romantic ways, but these people need to be careful about what others think of them. Some people with Venus in this house get “married” to enhance their work or their image. Due to which there may be some impact on their married life. Apart from this, these people play their best role in making contacts and organizing social events.

The person with the position of Venus in this house of the horoscope also thinks that his partner should appreciate his money and material possessions. These people enjoy their position a lot and even display it in front of others to get appreciation. However, these natives also have a habit of disliking flashy or flashy objects and gestures.

In the tenth house  planet venus People affected by this have the best and the finest things which doubles the enjoyment of their lifestyle. This is all part of showcasing his charm and confident manner. Such people display a strong personality and their tolerance is incredible.

People affected by Venus in the tenth house of the horoscope take time in making any relationship. This is why such people often do not take serious commitments until they are completely successful and established in their careers. They want to build a solid home and a secure nest before starting their own world. Their slow and steady pace takes time and a lot of effort. But once they decide to follow their path, no one can change their mind.

People who have Venus placed in the tenth house of their horoscope may feel a little different when they see or meet them for the first time. But once people get to know and understand these people well and stay around for them, they find them to be trustworthy, solid and caring individuals who take very good care of their family members. Caring and capable of performing their responsibilities well. This kind of reliability helps these natives a lot in strengthening their bond.

According to Vedic astrology, natives influenced by Venus in the tenth house of the horoscope have to be careful that their need for validation does not come in the way of finding that special someone. Not everyone is as worried about this type of situation as they tend to be. Therefore, these people should not have too many expectations. Rather, they should find someone in common with similar interests, after which the rest will happen automatically.

People with Venus in the tenth house should be cautious of other people especially when Venus is under the inauspicious influence of Venus. Some of them want to get close to them only for their money or selfishness. These people are not interested in deep and complete partnerships. But it is true that under the influence of Venus in this house, people yearn for the praise of other people. But at the same time they also want to give importance to their own happiness. The loved ones or relatives of these people understand this very well and also praise them truly. However, natives cannot always get it from others.

According to astrology, people affected by the planet Venus in the tenth house do not believe in their luck. Also, such people are very creative and intelligent and know very well how to use their energy in the right direction. Following are the career related tips for these people: Suggestions are considered appropriate-

Due to the auspicious influence of Venus, these people can become good singers or musicians. Apart from this, these people can also get good positions in high level government jobs. Along with this, such people can also hold the post of officer in a bank or CEO in a good company. Such people can also become excellent social workers.

  • Due to Venus being situated in its friendly zodiac sign in the tenth house of the horoscope, the person gets success and profit in business. Along with this, he also receives love and support from his father.
  • Due to Venus being situated in its enemy sign in the tenth house, the person may face difficulties and problems in business. Also, there is a possibility of differences and estrangement with his father.
  • The presence of Venus in the tenth house, in Taurus or Libra, helps the person achieve immense success, profit and fame in business. Besides, he gets the support of his father.
  • Due to Venus being situated in its exalted sign Pisces in the tenth house, the person gets profit and wealth from business related to items used by women like make-up or clothes. He gets respect and fame in the society.
  • Along with this, Venus in the tenth house, being situated in its inferior zodiac sign Virgo, can create a strained relationship with the native’s father. Such a person wants to do many types of businesses but does not achieve success in all the businesses.

In astrology, to reduce the inauspicious effects of each planet, some special and easy measures have been suggested so that the person does not have to face problems due to their inauspicious effects –

  1. Plant the holy Tulsi plant in the courtyard of your house and worship it regularly.
  2. As per astrologer’s advice, wear diamond gemstone especially except those having Pisces and Scorpio ascendant.
  3. Possibly use cream or white colored clothes or shoes.
  4. On Friday, keep a white cow and feed it daily. If possible, you can also donate a white cow with a calf.
  5. Make the idol of your favorite deity made of silver and always keep the silver coin with you. You can also wear a silver chain, ring or jewelery on Friday.
  6. Tie white flowers, sugar candy, camphor, mica and 27 grains in a white cloth and keep it in your house.
  7. Plant plants with fragrant white flowers in the house and use the flowers.
  8. Always donate curd on Friday, also wear clean white clothes after ironing them on Friday and you can also use fragrant perfume etc.
  9. Do not consume intoxicants, cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol.
  10. Feed white sugar candy kheer to five girls on five Fridays and respect women.
  11. Worship Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and light a lamp made of desi ghee in the temple.

Overall, we can say that people with Venus in the tenth house of the horoscope can occupy a high position in their workplace. Such people can also become quite popular in front of other people. However, they should not worry or think too much about what others think or say about them. If the position of the planets in the tenth house is auspicious, then such people achieve a lot of success in their life and at the same time such people are also very intelligent and skilled in spiritual work.

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Q- Is the tenth house of the horoscope good for Venus?

An- Tenth house is responsible for work, business, fame, respect etc. When Venus is in the tenth house, the person can occupy a high position in the profession and gain a lot of popularity. These people also have a strong desire to receive praise.

Q- Which planet is best for the tenth house?

An- Sun or Mars situated in the tenth house of the horoscope makes the person enterprising, brave and popular. If the tenth lord is also in an auspicious sign and house, an auspicious planet in the tenth house engages the person in praiseworthy works but Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in it. If the planet is situated then someone does evil or unworthy deeds.

Q- What results does Venus give in the tenth house?

An- Venus situated in the tenth house makes your body beautiful and provides an attractive personality. Along with this, the nature of these people will be calm and friendly.

Q-Who is the lord of the tenth house in the horoscope?

An- The ruling planet of the tenth house is Saturn in which career will be very hard work but it will be stable because Saturn is in a strong position.

Q- Which zodiac sign is good for Venus?

An- Venus is the lord of two zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. It is deeply elevated in Pisces at 27 degrees. Its root triangle is in Libra.

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