What, Saturn in the 8th house in the horoscope is considered inauspicious?


According to Vedic astrology, the eighth house of the birth chart is known as the house of death. Therefore, people often feel apprehensive about the placement of Saturn in this house. This is because Saturn is also bestowed with the designation of a malefic planet, which brings unfavorable results to the native. Hence, the presence of Saturn in the eighth house is a natural cause for fear.

In this article on ‘Mangal Bhavan,’ we will discuss in detail all the influences of Saturn in the eighth or Ashtam Bhava of the horoscope. This discussion will provide insights into the potential positive or negative outcomes that the placement of Saturn in the eighth house can have on the native’s life.

Generally in astrology, the eighth house in the birth chart is not considered auspicious. It is also referred to as the ‘Trik’ house. Information about the native’s lifespan and death can be obtained from this house. Along with this, Saturn is the significator or karaka for this house and death. If Saturn is positioned in the eighth house of the horoscope, its direct aspects fall on the tenth, second, and fifth houses. As a result, Saturn’s influence affects the outcomes related to business, financial matters, education, progeny, and death. Additionally, the conjunction, aspects, and lordship of Saturn and other planets in this position also determine the favorable or unfavorable results for the individual.

From a logical perspective, it can also be said that when the malefic Saturn is placed in a favorable position in the eighth house of the birth chart, it will nullify the inauspicious effects and contribute to the native’s longevity. Therefore, Saturn is also considered a significator of lifespan when situated in this house.

In the field of astrology, Saturn is designated as the bestower of karmic results and a neutral gender planet. It is considered auspicious when positioned favorably, bringing immense joy, and inauspicious when unfavorably placed, acting as a harsh and distressing planet. Saturday is dedicated to Saturn in the weekly calendar. In astrology, Uttarabhadrapada, Pushya, and Anuradha are the three nakshatras associated with Saturn. These nakshatras are exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Venus and Mercury are considered friendly planets to Saturn among the celestial bodies.

If Saturn is positioned in the eighth or Eight house of the birth chart, individuals with this placement may harbor feelings of enmity or animosity towards friends and family. Such a person may not receive special love from family members. Additionally, these individuals may form relationships with lower-status women, leading to disrespect for family members. It is said that these individuals may also face financial difficulties after marriage. Moreover, they may have a lower number of male offspring in their progeny.

According to astrology, if Saturn is placed in the eighth house of the birth chart, the individual may experience digestive and stomach-related issues. Additionally, the person may face problems related to joints, teeth, and nails. There is also a possibility of being prone to chronic and long-term illnesses. Furthermore, if Saturn in the eighth house is afflicted by malefic planets, it can lead to sudden death. Such individuals may also have a premonition or anticipation of their own death.

Now, since astrology is describing the role of Saturn in the eighth house of the birth chart, it also influences the individual’s profession and career. This is because business and employment, career-related aspects, are associated with the tenth and third houses of the horoscope. Due to this, the direct impact of Saturn in the eighth house can affect the native’s profession due to sudden changes. Consequently, the individual has to face various ups and downs in life.

Until the Kundli determines the favorable and unfavorable influences of the Ketu planet, the zodiac cycle, or other celestial bodies, it may not be entirely favorable for the individual based on beliefs. If the individual is involved in businesses related to earthly substances such as coal, petroleum, precious stones, diamonds, or illicit businesses, and if the planetary positions are favorable, the individual may experience significant gains. Otherwise, adverse planetary positions may lead to substantial losses for the individual.

Additionally, individuals with such placements may excel in their careers, particularly in research fields. They might find success in dealing with underground commodities, managing petrol pumps, coal depots, or engaging in occult practices. According to astrology, during the periods of Saturn or Ketu, known as dasha or antardasha, the professional life of the individual can be significantly affected. In reality, the adverse effects of Saturn in the eighth house during a transit can impact the physical health of the individual, as well as the job or business endeavors.

The placement of Saturn in the eighth house of the birth chart grants the individual extraordinary and unique abilities in the realms of hidden psychology, tarot card reading, astrology, and spirituality. This implies that the affected individual may possess powers and healing capabilities that are rare among people. Individuals with this placement may pursue careers as profound astrologers, yoga instructors, practitioners of alternative medicine, tarot readers, psychologists, doctors, magicians, artists, or philosophers.

A person with the beneficial influence of Saturn in the eighth house may enjoy a long life. However, their old age could be marked by physical pain or the presence of a chronic ailment, and this influence may persist until the individual’s death. The placement of Saturn in the eighth house, signifying the house of transformation, can create disorder, upheaval, and unrest in the individual’s family life. Additionally, due to unfavorable effects, it may lead to separation from the life partner and impact the relationship with the mother. Furthermore, Saturn in the eighth house can also be a factor in accidents at a young age. Therefore, astrological advice suggests staying away from adventure and water sports.

The placement of Saturn in the eighth house is considered significant for women, as it is also considered in the context of the Mangalya Bhava (house of marriage). This is because, in many cultures, after marriage, the bride (vadhu) is often associated with the groom’s family. Sometimes, there can be situations where the woman is residing only with her husband and is distant from the rest of the family. In such cases, there is a possibility that after the woman’s demise, there may not be any separation from the family. 

Since the eighth house of the birth chart reveals aspects of one’s private life, and Saturn and Ketu signify certain discontent-inducing processes, it is more likely that the individual may be influenced by issues related to these aspects. This influence can extend to married life as well.

In Vedic astrology, if a planet is in an exalted position in the eighth house of the Libra zodiac, individuals with such placements are successful in maintaining good and solid relationships with their in-laws for up to 40 years. However, these individuals may be prone to accidents, unrest, and family disputes or disturbances at a younger age. Additionally, they may not have good relationships with their siblings, and due to their partner’s dry behavior, they might not enjoy the romantic aspects of their life in the early years. As a result, these individuals may face situations leading to divorce or separation. Furthermore, they may experience betrayal from their partners. Moreover, individuals with such placements can be influenced by people involved in illicit activities, leading to unfavorable outcomes for them.

If Saturn is in a debilitated position in the eighth house of the Aries zodiac in the birth chart, the individual may face disappointment in career-related matters. As a result, their career may go through ups and downs. Individuals with Saturn in the eighth house in Aries may feel disillusioned with their career path because they seek a precise routine, while the uncertainty associated with this placement prefers fluctuations and challenges.

According to astrology, if Saturn is placed in the eighth house in a person’s birth chart, they are likely to be courageous, virtuous, knowledgeable, and eloquent. When Saturn is well-placed in this house, the individual tends to have a fearless and generous nature. However, the nature of such individuals may have some mysterious elements, and they might have an interest or inclination towards astrology, tantra-mantra, magic, occult sciences, or other esoteric knowledge.

On the contrary, if Saturn is in a debilitated state, the individual with Saturn in the eighth house may often engage in criticizing and condemning others. As a result, they might frequently face humiliation. Such individuals tend to have a narrow-minded perspective and may sometimes indulge in questionable actions. People with Saturn in the eighth house are known to perform their tasks at a slow pace, earning them the label of being lazy. Occasionally, these individuals become victims of impulsive behavior.

  1. Individuals influenced by Saturn in the eighth house are patient, charitable, and sometimes exhibit a slightly frugal nature. However, these people tend to embrace a selfless and hardworking nature later in life.
  2. Such individuals have a self-made and disciplined nature, willing to sacrifice some immediate pleasures for the sake of achieving long-term goals and fulfilling ambitions. 
  3. Such individuals work hard not only to achieve better financial status but also to lead a good life. They are willing to sacrifice their social life and pleasures for the sake of building a prosperous and fulfilling life.
  4. In the eighth house, the unfavorable position of Saturn in a person’s birth chart can lead to delays, issues, and unexpected changes in matters related to inheritance, debts, and sexual satisfaction, along with affecting marital happiness.
  5. However, when Saturn is beneficially placed in the eighth house, it can bring joy to the native’s marital life and occasionally provide benefits in discreet matters.
  1. The placement of Saturn in the eighth house of the birth chart has a negative impact on the health of the individuals. Such natives may face issues related to chronic illnesses, and their health may be a cause of concern, possibly leading to life-threatening situations. 
  2. Additionally, due to the adverse effects of Saturn and the burden of responsibilities, individuals with Saturn in the eighth house may start feeling old at a relatively young age. 
  3. However, these individuals will receive financial support from their life partners, in-laws, and family. 
  4. In addition, due to retrograde Saturn, there might be some challenges during pregnancy, and it can have a negative impact on the health of the child.
  5. However, the philosophical nature of these individuals can bring immense joy to them in their old age. Thus, we can say that individuals with Saturn in the eighth house, despite facing obstacles, will experience benefits in the long run.

According to astrology, the inauspiciousness of any planet cannot be completely destroyed, but by taking some simple measures the bad effects can be reduced. Let us know about some such measures-

  • If Saturn is placed in the eighth house in the horoscope, then such a person can benefit from worshiping Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Maa Durga.
  • These people should stay away from addictions, drugs, alcohol, non-vegetarian food etc.
  • Along with this, the person should regularly feed ghee coated bread to a black dog.
  • Provide a full meal to a beggar or needy on Saturday.
  • Wear a silver chain around the neck.
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Q- What happens if Saturn is in the eighth house?

An- If Saturn is in the eighth house of a native’s birth chart, the person tends to be courageous, virtuous, knowledgeable, and eloquent. When Saturn is in a favorable position, the individual exhibits a fearless and generous nature.

Q- Is Saturn good in the 8th house?

An- Saturn in the eighth house brings a lot of excitement to life. Additionally, it is a symbol of development and transformation.

Q- Whose eighth house is in the horoscope?

An- In Vedic astrology, the eighth house is referred to as the house of longevity. It is associated with mysteries, ownership, passion, and significance, specifically related to the Scorpio sign.

Q- Who is the lord of the eighth house?

An- The eighth house is ruled by the planet Mars, and the significator (karaka) planets for this house are Saturn, Mars, and the Moon.

Q- Which house is for death in astrology?

An- The eighth house, counted from the time of birth and occupied by Saturn, is considered the house of death or the house of mortality in Vedic astrology.

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