Saturn is present in the 11th house of the horoscope, auspicious for financial condition


According to Vedic astrology, when the planet Saturn is placed in the eleventh house of the birth chart, individuals tend to have a very favorable financial situation, and they are often quite wealthy. Moreover, such individuals are imaginative and capable of attaining all joys and comforts in their lives. 

In this article on ‘Mangal Bhavan,’ we will discuss in detail the role and effects of the planet Saturn in the eleventh house of the birth chart, along with comprehensive information on remedies for Saturn. So, let’s delve into this topic in detail.

According to Hindu astrology, information about a native’s income and gains is obtained from the eleventh house or Ekadash Bhava in the birth chart. This house also reflects the individual’s desires, ambitions, and fulfillment of wishes. The eleventh house provides insights into the benefits one may receive from their efforts. All details regarding the gains, income, profit, success, and prosperity of an individual can be ascertained from the eleventh house of the birth chart.

According to astrology, having Saturn placed in the eleventh house of the birth chart makes the individual prosperous, healthy, and fortunate. Those with Saturn in this position may experience a youth filled with struggles and disappointments, but they never lose hope and energy. The positive and auspicious influence of Saturn in the eleventh house ensures that individuals will achieve fruitful and favorable results after hard work. Although such individuals are not alone during their challenging days, they may lack true friends in their lives.

A person with a positively placed Saturn in the eleventh house of the birth chart is inspired to work hard consistently to achieve their goals. When Saturn in the eleventh house combines with Venus, Mars, or Mercury, the individual receives the blessings of wealth and good fortune. Such individuals are likely to find success in politics and business. Managing their own business can elevate their status in life. Additionally, a career in education and banking can bring swift success to these individuals. Apart from that, they may also profit through activities like gambling, investments, and business ventures.

Individuals with these placements can accumulate significant wealth through import-export businesses. According to astrology, after the age of 35, these individuals may see the fulfillment of dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

According to Vedic astrology calculations, due to the influence of Saturn in the eleventh house, individuals experience exciting and adventurous romantic relationships. People with this placement often have a positive and excellent experience of love in their lives. They deeply love their life partners but may not express admiration openly or adequately. The romantic relationships of these individuals sometimes take time to transform into marriage, and obtaining it may pose a challenging phase.

In their love life, individuals with Saturn in the eleventh house may face difficulties because they tend to have a serious nature, engaging in frequent arguments with their partners. This can lead to various issues in their love life. If these individuals maintain patience and positivity in their romantic relationships, they can make their love life more harmonious.

The placement of Saturn in the eleventh house of the birth chart makes the individual’s marital life complex according to Vedic astrology. Such individuals may find it challenging to determine the right time for marriage. However, when they find a life partner with whom they have a long-lasting relationship, it can lead to a happy and successful marriage. Individuals with this placement need to pay attention to themselves and work on their personal growth. It is crucial for them to change their arrogant, irritable, and self-centered nature to please their life partners.

Marriage for these individuals may involve various ups and downs, but if they work on their marriage with patience and a positive attitude, they can achieve significant results in their marital life.

Under the auspicious influence of Saturn, individuals become highly skilled, astute, strategic, and knowledgeable. They excel in their work and earn great respect in their respective fields. Such individuals have an attractive personality and appreciate the commendable efforts of others, gaining admiration and learning from them. According to astrology, these individuals consistently strive to enhance their careers by learning and applying new things in their lives.

However, their demeanor, uncouth behavior, and irritable nature can create obstacles in their lives and lead to challenges. Therefore, individuals with this placement need to be cautious in this aspect of their behavior.

Despite their exceptional professional capabilities, their unpleasant and irritable nature may create hurdles in their personal and professional relationships. Hence, individuals with this placement must be vigilant and work on refining their behavior for a smoother life journey.

According to astrology, individuals influenced by the Saturn planet in the eleventh house of their horoscope have a strategic and sharp personality from a young age. These individuals tend to be humorous by nature. They build a powerful personality and influence, leading to both anger and arrogant tendencies. They are compassionate towards friends and family members, often helping them during challenging times. These individuals are moody and work according to their mood, which may not always be convenient for others. Therefore, it is essential for them to ensure that they keep their unpleasant nature to themselves and do not cause distress to others. 

According to Vedic astrology, individuals with Saturn in the eleventh house of their horoscope have a strong and powerful nature. They work hard towards their goals in both career and personal relationships, but they may often face challenges due to their stern behavior towards others. Therefore, astrological advice suggests that they need to be cautious about this and live life in that direction with a positive perspective. 

In the eleventh house of the horoscope, the placement of Saturn can bring about unfavorable associations and companionships for the individual. This can lead to an uncomfortable situation, and as a result, the individual may attempt to earn money through illegitimate means. Additionally, the adverse effects of Saturn in the eleventh house may contribute to health issues related to bones and joints.

Furthermore, individuals with Saturn in the eleventh house may possess a stubborn, dominating, authoritative, moody, and self-centered nature, which can act as a hindrance to their success. They may find it challenging to receive appreciation from others, and their harsh disposition could make them susceptible to depression. Achieving their goals may take time, involve struggles, and confront them with challenging periods.

Moreover, the influence of Saturn in the eleventh house can manifest as a rigid and aggressive demeanor in the individual’s workplace, creating obstacles to their success. The unfavorable position of Saturn in this house may also give rise to problems related to the parasympathetic nervous system or lead to the development of diabetes.

Individuals with Saturn in the eleventh house of their horoscope experience exciting, romantic, and adventurous love relationships at a young age. They derive joy and memorable experiences from their romantic life, but these relationships may not last for an extended period. While they enjoy their romantic life, they may not express appreciation or communicate sufficiently with their partners. The love relationships of these individuals may not necessarily culminate in marriage. They often face challenges in finding the right or ideal person for marriage, making it a difficult process for them.

Individuals with Saturn in the eleventh house of their horoscope have a powerful and influential personality in society. They work hard in their careers to achieve their goals and attempt to establish long-lasting personal relationships or romance. However, they often face challenges in making these endeavors successful, partly due to their pride and harsh behavior towards others. Therefore, it is essential for them to be cautious about this and live life in that direction with a positive perspective.

  1. Provide financial assistance to the poor and needy and try to improve their lives.
  2. Serve physically challenged and disabled persons and spend time with elderly people and help them in their daily activities.
  3. Giving education to a needy person, giving fees or money and teaching poor children are ways to please Shani Dev.
  4. Always serve your parents, guru and elderly people regularly in times of need, which pleases Saturn and can help the native to reduce the ill effects of Saturn.
  5. Eat vegetarian food and avoid alcohol.
  6. One should also stay away from lying and cheating others.
  7. Avoid or ignore opportunities to have sex with the opposite sex, and never betray your partner.
  8. By helping blind people, the results of Shani Dev can be made positive and better.
  9. Don’t cut trees.
  10. People with weak or inauspicious Saturn should behave well with their servants or Dalits and downtrodden people.
  11. Feed as many monkeys, cows and dogs as you can.
  12. On Saturday, worship Lord Bhairav ​​duly and go to his temple.
  13. Feed bread to the black dog regularly.

In the field of astrology, the presence of “Ast Shani” (weakened Saturn) in the birth chart is believed to hinder the individual from shining in life. This condition is thought to unfold challenges in the person’s actions and lead them towards various difficult times. Consequently, individuals with weakened Saturn may face betrayal from friends and family members. Such individuals may find it challenging to lead a prosperous life, and harmony may elude them in both their family and personal life.

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Q- What is the effect of Saturn in the horoscope?

An- The effect of Saturn in the horoscope can be both positive and negative. Saturn is a powerful planet, hence due to its influence a person moves ahead in the path of success. But Saturn’s wrath is so dangerous that even the work done by it can get spoiled. Due to the ill effects of Saturn one has to face many problems in life.

Q- What is the solution to remove Shani Dosha?

An- To get relief from Shani Dosha, Shani Dev has to be pleased. For this, chant the mantra ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः 108 times daily. Apart from this, offer mustard oil to Shani Dev on Saturday and light a mustard oil lamp. To get relief from Shani Dosh, donate iron items, black clothes, urad, mustard oil, shoes and slippers etc.

Q- What is the result of Saturn in the eleventh house of the horoscope?

An- If a person has the influence of Saturn in the eleventh house of his horoscope then he has to work hard to reach the heights of life. He has to work hard to earn education, wealth and respect in society.

Q- Is Saturn in the eleventh house good or bad?

An- Saturn in the eleventh house is considered good in astrology, the eleventh house is the house of profit and maximum expected profit.

Q- When is Saturn auspicious?

An- The auspicious place of Saturn is in the third, sixth and eleventh house of the birth chart. To determine the position of Saturn in the birth chart, the zodiac sign after Saturn is seen. If Saturn is situated with its friendly planets such as Jupiter or Venus, then it is considered an auspicious position of Saturn.

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