What will be the Results when Rahu is placed in the Sixth House?


Rahu in the 6th House: Introduction 

Rahu: The 6th house in Kundli is generally associated with health, well-being and everyday routine. The 6th house governs all elements of healthy living, including eating, nutrition, exercise and the desire for self-improvement. Surprisingly, this house also rules over dogs and small livestock, maybe because of the significance they play in our life and everyday chores. The 6th house is associated with adversaries, debts, sickness and occupation. This house, often known as the House of Illness, indicates ailments and the predicted duration of current conditions. People born in this zone are frequently motivated by organization and structure. They are usually concerned with time and calendar management. It also reflects your interactions with coworkers, labour and maternal relatives.

Rahu, like Ketu, is quite distinct from the other seven planets. It is a shadow planet that exists solely as a reference point in astronomy. Rahu is the circumstance in which the Sun is hidden. In other words, it occurs when the Moon hides the Sun’s view of Earth. Nonetheless, Rahu (राहु ग्रह) has a lot of significance in astrology. It is an extremely malicious planet that represents delusion, consumerism and things that block a smooth way of living. Rahu has a hungry disposition and desires, solely worldly pleasures in life. When Rahu is placed in the 6th house, locals may excel at dispute resolution.

The conjunction of the 6th house with Rahu, according to our Expert, Jyotishacharya Shri Anand, is regarded as beneficial in many respects. He has expressed his thoughts on the positive and negative effects of placement of Rahu in the sixth house. Continue reading to learn more about Rahu in the 6th house.

Rahu in the 6th House: Positive Effects

The natives of Rahu in the 6th house desire the benefits connected with slavery. They are particularly capable of managing the operations of associations. They can also successfully resolve disagreements. In navigating the hardships of daily life, these locals become aware of various techniques and tactics that most other people are oblivious of.

For natives, Rahu placed in the sixth house means they have a great desire to assist others, particularly those who are going through terrible circumstances. It is conceivable that locals will engage in pointless and meaningless debates.

Locals may beat anybody with their determination, perseverance, and fighting spirit. That is fairly clear, as evidenced by the cases of numerous political leaders and other notable figures. They face challenges fearlessly and are not readily deterred by obstacles and issues that may arise.

Natives normally live a long life. They are also courageous and appreciate their wealth and all of life’s worldly pleasures. These natives are less likely to be afflicted. But, if they do, it will be extremely difficult to diagnose the sickness. In that case, they will find it extremely difficult to deal with their condition, which will be compounded by other problems in life.

Also, because Rahu is in the 6th house, natives are more inclined to seek employment. In other words, the natives will choose service over establishing a business as a vocation. In fact, Rahu natives in the sixth house would do well as employees in a corporation. The employers will be quite satisfied with their job, and they will be well-liked by the upper management.


Rahu in the 6th House: Negative Effects

Negative effects of Rahu placed in the sixth house means natives will have strained connection with their domestic workers, employers, and maternal relatives. These natives also question traditional patterns and practice of creating alliances and connections.

Moreover, Moon in the 6th house means natives may experience major hardships as a result of poverty, slavery, divorce, drugs, wars, sicknesses and oppression. Also, the natives may benefit from this situation in a hurry. It is also feasible that natives would invest in financial products that will put them in danger. As a result, they may earn huge gains or suffer huge losses. The challenges in their lives can be resolved by employing suitable Rahu remedies in the 6th house.

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Rahu in the 6th House: Conclusion 

Rahu is a malefic planet, which is often seen as bad. Its placement in the sixth house will have a mixed effect on the natives. They are skilled in resolving disagreements and tough circumstances, as well as assisting those in need. They may, however, display disruptive behaviour under certain inciting conditions. They must consider the potential of losing trust in kindness and happiness.

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Rahu in the 6th House Astrology Related- FAQ-

Q- Which are the ruling planets of the sixth house in the horoscope?

An- The ruling planet of the sixth house in the horoscope is Mercury and the causative planet is Ketu.

Q- Is Rahu beneficial in the sixth house in the horoscope?

An- Yes, Rahu in conjunction with a beneficial planet gives auspicious results to the native.

Q- Whose place is in the sixth house in the horoscope?

An- The sixth house in the horoscope has been given the noun of ‘enemy house’.

Q- What is the effect of having Rahu in the sixth house of the horoscope?

An- If the planet Rahu is placed in the sixth house of the horoscope, then such people are very prosperous. This is because these people have done a lot of charity in their previous births.

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