Is it good for Natives to have Rahu in the Tenth House of the Birth chart


Rahu in 10th House: Introduction 

Rahu keeps the Sun under the shadow. A solar eclipse is a celestial event that takes place when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, resulting in a temporary darkening of the skies. Nonetheless, Rahu is a crucial planet in astrology. The evil tendencies of Rahu are characterized by traits such as dishonesty, materialism, and hindrances to living a peaceful life. The craving for material wealth is a defining characteristic of Rahu, as it relentlessly pursues the accumulation of material possessions.

Rahu is regarded as the celestial cabinet’s most unfavourable planet. It leads to materialism and delusion. The planet stands for the pinnacle of ambitions that have turned evil. Rahu often has negative characteristics and might accentuate the bad elements of the home it occupies. So, the locals may acquire a great desire for prestige and achievement in their line of work while Rahu is in the 10th house, the house of career possibilities and profession.

As per the expert Jyotishacharya Shri Anand, the combination of Rahu (राहु ग्रह) and the 10th house can bring about various favorable effects and outcomes. He has expressed her thoughts on the positive and negative impacts of Rahu’s placement in the tenth house. Continue reading to learn more about Rahu in the 10th house.

Rahu in 10th House: Positive Effects

Rahu’s inhabitants in the tenth house will have strong writing abilities. Rahu’s locals in the tenth house might also be intelligent and daring. They could be intrepid travellers who prefer the company of outsiders (or those who are from a different culture).

Rahu’s placement in the tenth house may endow the locals with cunning and shrewdness. They could triumph against their foes. They could experience issues with cousins. A high status and position in the government or the business sector are also possible for indigenous, both male and female, according to ancient scriptures. By working hard and taking initiative, they will become well-known.

These people’s lives will change and prosper significantly in the 36th year of their lives. Some locals are incredibly successful in business. The possibility exists for Rahu inhabitants in the tenth house to have both full- or part-time employment and a company.

Rahu’s influence in the 10th house has the potential to send inhabitants on business and professional trips abroad. They could make a lot of money thanks to their diligence and strategies. In the long term, they might not be able to save any money.

Rahu in 10th House: Negative Effects 

Rahu’s placement in the 10th house of a horoscope is generally not favourable. It could stimulate late growth. Although fairly late, the locals will ascend in life. Also, when Rahu is in the tenth house, the inhabitants may demand a lot of attention and aspire to hold positions of authority. These locals consistently profit from societal instability and procedural flaws. The indigenous have the potential to become well-known members of society with perseverance, effort, and the correct set of talents.

They are continuously looking to go up the ladder, but their methods are frequently dubious. To advance in life, they could use illegal and unethical means and tactics. Even these indigenous’ marriages might be in jeopardy. According to legend, the inhabitants’ intense drive to succeed in adulthood is a form of atonement for the lack of parental care they had as children, one of life’s most fundamental needs.

Rahu’s natives in the 10th house have the potential to become ardent supporters or even participants of social change. Yet, their true motivation is frequently self-promotion rather than a sincere interest in social concerns. Rahu locals in the tenth house have the potential to question established norms as leaders. These locals also frequently associate with persons of foreign heritage and engage in illegal relationships, drunkenness, conflicts with their fathers and other relatives, and other vices.


Also, if Venus rules the 10th house Rahu, it is quite possible that the male natives have a flirty character. Yet, there is a potential that the residents may engage in extramarital relationships if the condition is severe.

Rahu in the tenth house locals’ offspring could not have a secure future. They could be reliant on their parents—the locals—for a very long time. The indigenous might not receive the necessary happiness from their kids. Rahu’s issues in the tenth house can be resolved with the right solutions.

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Rahu in 10th House: Conclusion 

Rahu’s tenth-house inhabitants have strong professional aptitudes. They might also like reading. They achieve success, though, only later in life. While having high aspirations is admirable, locals should refrain from pursuing their objectives using dishonest tactics.

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Rahu in the 10th House Astrology Related- FAQ-

Q- What results does Rahu planet give in the tenth house?

An- In the tenth house, there is more struggle and less success in the life of a person affected by the planet Rahu. Thus, whenever Rahu is in the tenth house of the horoscope, first of all it affects the actions of the native.

Q- Who are the ruling planets of the tenth house in the horoscope?

An- The lords of the tenth house are the planets Sun and Shani.

Q- How is the career of the native due to the influence of Rahu in the tenth house?

An- The people having Rahu in the tenth house have good business skills. His literary knowledge is also the best.

Q- Is Rahu in the 10th house a benefic factor?

An- Rahu in the 10th house is a bit troublesome for the native, although he gets success only after suffering in life.

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