Know the auspicious and inauspicious effects of Moon in the 3rd house of the horoscope


According to Vedic astrology, the Moon sitting in the third house of the birth chart performs the task of attracting the native towards those ideas and alerting them to concepts about which the native may be unaware or lacks knowledge. With the Moon in the third house, the native’s reservoir of knowledge continues to develop constantly. Such individuals become capable of understanding the thoughts, desires, and emotions of others in a more profound manner.

Moreover, if the Moon is present in the third house, which is the house of courage in a native’s birth chart, the native may experience various outcomes. According to astrology, the Moon is considered the significator of the mind. When the Moon is placed in the third house of the birth chart, which represents ‘courage’, the native may encounter many favorable and unfavorable changes.

According to astrology, the third house of the birth chart is known as the ‘house of courage’. The third house is associated with the native’s courage, younger siblings, friends, short journeys, relatives, communication, success in endeavors, hidden enemies, significant changes, and brokerage gains. Mars is the ruler of this house, and it is considered a natural house for it. The placement of the Moon in the third house can influence many important areas of life.

In astrology, because the Moon is the significator of the mind for the native, it helps keep the mind restless and dynamic. When the Moon is in the third house of the birth chart or transiting through it, the life of the individual is influenced by the favorable or unfavorable outcomes resulting from that influence. The presence of the Moon in the third house of the birth chart can affect the individual in various ways.

According to the primary calculations of astrology, the presence of the Moon in the third house leads to the development of artistic qualities within the individual. Such individuals, influenced by the Moon’s influence, are always eager to acquire knowledge about any subject or object out of curiosity. Moreover, they prefer not to indulge in unnecessary expenses but rather have a keen interest in saving. However, individuals like these may also possess a somewhat reserved nature and may struggle to present their thoughts and ideas correctly to others. Additionally, their interests may change from time to time.

Experienced astrologer Devika Ji, known as ‘Mangal Bhavan,’ asserts that each person’s birth chart holds significance for the 12 houses. In this article, we delve into the detailed discussion regarding the third house and the important role of the Moon in it.

  1. If the Moon is positioned in the third house of the birth chart in the sign of an inauspicious planet such as Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, then such individuals tend to have futile verbal tendencies. Additionally, they may also cause harm to their siblings. 
  2. On the contrary, if the Moon is in the sign of auspicious planets such as Jupiter, Moon, Venus, or Mercury in the third house of the birth chart, then the native tends to enjoy all physical pleasures. Such individuals may have a larger number of younger sisters compared to brothers, and their relationships with younger siblings are also sweet. 
  3. Furthermore, there can be several changes in the business or career aspect from the paternal side for such individuals. They may encounter numerous opportunities for travel as well. 
  4. Due to the influence of the Moon, these individuals’ life partners may also have the opportunity for foreign travel.
  5. In this house, individuals influenced by the Moon’s effects tend to be fond of change. Therefore, they will not face any kind of trouble from the changes, especially those that occur due to the influence of the Moon in this placement. 
  6. Such individuals enjoy traveling to new places and are always striving to achieve fame or recognition. 
  7. Such individuals always display a cheerful demeanor and a jovial attitude. Moreover, they have a good inclination towards philanthropy along with being courageous.
  8. According to the zodiac cycle, the third sign is Gemini, and if it is considered in the third house, individuals of such nature find it difficult to maintain balance within themselves.
  9. With the presence of the Moon in this house of the birth chart, individuals become adept in communication skills. However, according to astrological advice, the individual should utilize this skill to overcome their problems.  

In astrology, the Moon is considered a planet that does not perceive any of its companions as enemies. However, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn consider the Moon as their enemy planet. Therefore, sometimes the influence of these planets can bring about some negative effects for individuals under the influence of the Moon. 

If the Moon is in conjunction or under the influence of an opposing planet in the third house of the birth chart, the individual’s mood remains unsettled. Such individuals cannot remain steadfast on any one opinion, and their behavior can often confuse or surprise others. According to astrology, the communication skills of such individuals are excellent and well-developed. However, they may sometimes speak hastily, uttering things without logical conclusions or meanings, which can lead to embarrassment. To prevent this, it is advised for these individuals to patiently reach logical conclusions before presenting their thoughts or ideas to others. 

In astrology, the planet Moon gives some inauspicious results to the person if he is inauspicious. This happens when the person has done some things which; Can spoil the moon. Let us know some such factors which can worsen the position of the Moon-

  1. On disturbing the happiness and peace of the house. 
  2. On quarreling with one’s mother or widow.  
  3. Adding more water than required in milk spoils the moon.  
  4. Due to having a water source or well etc. under the stairs in the house. 
  5. Traveling to the mountains can also cause harm. 
  6. Have made a religious place in the house. 
  7. By not performing Shraddh or Tarpan of one’s ancestors. 
  8. In case of any kind of mental illness or stress or lack of happiness from children. 
  9. In case of kidney related diseases or problems etc. 
  10. Due to continuous increase in mental disturbance and anxiety.

In astrological calculations, the presence of the Moon in the third house of the birth chart can potentially make the native a writer or poet, as individuals with this placement naturally possess creative perspectives and qualities of self-expression. Such individuals may require the guidance of a special person to develop their self-expression and conversational style, especially when interacting with women. The presence of the Moon in the third house of the birth chart enables the native to become empathetic, sensitive, and understanding of others’ emotions. Due to these qualities, individuals with this placement can also become great yogis or spiritual mentors.

  • Complete vision – 

When the Moon, situated in the third house of the birth chart, casts its full aspect on the ninth house, which is considered the house of fortune, it is believed to enhance the native’s destiny. Individuals with such a placement receive assistance in their fortunes through the support of women. Additionally, in the case of such natives, after marriage, the spouse may also become a significant factor in their fortune. Individuals with this placement tend to be luxurious, religious, and possess an attractive physique.

  • Complete vision – 

The influence of the Moon in its friendly, exalted, or own sign is considered auspicious. Individuals with such placements are lovers of high and fine arts. Moreover, they tend to achieve success in all endeavors. They receive special happiness and support from their sisters. However, when the Moon is in its debilitated or enemy sign, it becomes a factor for illness. Additionally, it brings discord with siblings and may lead to shortcomings in one’s destiny. Such individuals tend to have quarrelsome and jealous tendencies.

Overall, it can be said that with the presence of the Moon in the third house of the birth chart, individuals may become adept at communication skills and understanding the emotions and desires of others more easily. However, as per astrological advice, these individuals are often encouraged to use their qualities in the right direction. Nevertheless, they are still considered insightful and intellectually rich, readily comprehending other people and their situations. They not only deal with them effectively but also actively engage in learning new and better ways from them.

Q- What happens if the Moon is in the third house?

An- The Moon positioned in the third house endows the native with artistic qualities. They always maintain a curiosity to acquire knowledge about various subjects or objects. These individuals prefer not to spend money unnecessarily and emphasize more on saving.

Q- What is it called when the third quarter moon is visible?

An- When the Moon is in the third house of the birth chart, it is referred to as the Gibbous Moon in the fourth house.

Q- When is the moon strong?

An- The exalted Moon keeps the mind content. Even in adverse situations, it does not let the mind become unhappy. Similarly, if the exalted Moon receives the aspect of Jupiter, the Moon becomes stronger and more powerful.

Q- Which planet is good in the 3rd house?

An- The third house is associated with the sign of Gemini, which is the third sign of the zodiac. In addition, being governed by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, along with the third house, is a natural indication. The third house is considered the best placement for the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn.

Q- Which moon is auspicious?

An- The Moon is auspicious in the second house.

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