Moon planet in the 12th house of the horoscope, what kind of results will it give, auspicious or inauspicious


In astrology, it is believed that while the moon is not considered an adversary to any planet and generally yields positive results in almost all aspects of a horoscope, it significantly influences a person’s mental state and health. The moon is considered gentle, calm, emotionally sensitive, and perpetually cheerful. According to scriptures, the moon is referred to as the significator of the mind, thus its influence tends to keep the mind restless and active. 

The twelfth house of the birth chart is considered the house of ‘expenditure’ or liberation. Its direct association reveals the expenditures occurring in one’s life. In Vedic astrology, this house is considered synonymous with expenditure. Here, expenditure refers to every expense made by the native in their life. Particularly, the association of this house relates to expenditure, extravagance, indulgence, modes of enjoyment, fear of the state, bondage, imprisonment, trouble, worry, hidden diseases, secret love affairs, secretive activities, espionage, liberation, falsehood, divorce, foreign travel, sensual pleasures, esoteric knowledge, financial loss, damage, and losses. The significator of the twelfth house is the planet Saturn, and it considers the moon as its adversary, thus indicating the possibility of unfavorable outcomes. 

In Vedic astrology, the presence of the moon in the twelfth house of the birth chart can indicate eye-related diseases, phlegm, anger, fondness for solitude, and a tendency to spend excessively for the native. Such individuals may find it difficult to hold onto money for an extended period. Additionally, if the moon is placed in the twelfth house in an enemy sign, the native may struggle with loneliness and anxiety issues.

The position of the moon in the twelfth house of the birth chart can signify various implications. However, it is important to note that the twelfth house is not considered auspicious in astrology, so the presence of the moon in this house may subject the native to some adverse effects or challenges.

According to the calculations of astrology, the presence of the moon in the twelfth house of the birth chart can turn the native into a lover of solitude. However, such individuals excel in introspection as they are considered contemplative personalities. Additionally, they tend to be gentle in their speech but may have higher expenses. Due to the influence of the twelfth house, these individuals may also possess a somewhat irritable nature. 

According to astrology, these individuals may tend to be somewhat lazy and emotionally sensitive, often experiencing stress. They are likely to have a keen interest in love and mysterious subjects. Moreover, they may be inclined towards traveling abroad and may encounter ample opportunities for foreign travel. They might also have a higher number of adversaries. These individuals could be associated with hospitals or religious institutions. 

In Vedic astrology, the auspicious influence of the moon in the twelfth house of the birth chart affects the native’s mindset, emotions, inclination towards solitude, introspection, and materialism. In this placement, individuals tend to focus on even the smallest details. Moreover, they need to be mindful that their words don’t hurt others’ feelings. Just as they expect good behavior for themselves, they should extend the same courtesy to others.

Furthermore, the presence of the moon in the twelfth house, known as the ‘expenditure’ house, teaches the native to recognize people’s identities and inspires them to do something for those who are marginalized, oppressed, downtrodden, and helpless in society.

Moreover, the position of the moon in the twelfth house makes the native extremely sensitive and creative emotionally. They possess a good ability to understand people’s emotions and provide accurate responses or advice. Such individuals tend to develop emotional attachments very quickly with their family, friends, or certain special relationships. Additionally, their natural empathy can be beneficial in some cases, but most of the time, there is a possibility of experiencing losses in such situations.

In astrology, the influence of the moon in the twelfth house of the birth chart makes the native enigmatic. The presence of the moon in this ‘expenditure’ house creates a tendency towards mysterious behavior, making it somewhat difficult to understand and comprehend such individuals. They constantly strive to control their emotions. The influence of the moon may lead them to attempt to evade responsibilities. They may become aware of their emotional immaturity due to the influence of the moon and can mitigate other negative effects by remaining vigilant.

When discussing the effects of the moon in the twelfth house of the birth chart, individuals tend to be sensitive to the pain or suffering of others, but most of the time, they may not be readily available for assistance. Additionally, the presence of the moon in the twelfth house of the birth chart influences the native emotionally. 

These individuals easily connect with temporary situations, objects, and unexpected occurrences, although none of these hold significant importance in their lives. Overall, such individuals may need to be more grounded in materialism. The twelfth house of the birth chart is considered the place of ‘liberation,’ and when the moon influences this house, the native’s response to emotional experiences may be slow in certain situations. These individuals may not attach emotional significance to any particular situations or things beyond a certain point. 

In addition, individuals with the moon in the twelfth house prefer spending time alone. However, they should also be mindful not to become prey to loneliness. While these individuals are adept at forming relationships with others and quickly transitioning into deep connections, sometimes they also need time for themselves. They have good relationships with others, whether they are special or chosen few, they are not limited to a particular group.

Having the moon in the twelfth house of the birth chart prevents individuals from feeling proud of themselves. They internalize their emotions and rely on their own judgments to affirm their decisions. Additionally, they seek peaceful environments and tend to keep to themselves. If you are facing challenges due to the placement of the moon in the twelfth house of your birth chart, you can alleviate the negative effects through simple and appropriate remedies recommended by Vedic astrology.

According to astrology calculations, individuals with the moon in the twelfth house may face several constraints throughout their lives. They may not have extensive knowledge of professional matters, and therefore, it’s advised for them to stay away from such matters. Additionally, they may feel anxious about their expenses. Although they will manage all their expenses themselves, dealing with these expenses may cause them inconvenience in their other activities.

  • Full vision 

According to astrology, the full aspect of the moon falls on the sixth house, leading individuals to become victims of sorrow and suffering from enemies and debts. These individuals may also be troubled by hidden diseases. The likelihood of wasteful expenditure is higher due to unfavorable influences.

  • Friend/enemy zodiac sign 
  • With the moon situated in its friendly sign in the twelfth house of the birth chart, individuals tend to spend more on useful items. The moon in the friendly sign provides the individual with a gentle disposition. 
  • When the moon is positioned in its enemy sign in the twelfth house of the birth chart, it makes the individual solitary and prone to anxiety. Such individuals may also be susceptible to diseases related to phlegm.
  • Special feeling: 

When the Moon is positioned in the twelfth house, its influence on the native’s career and profession becomes more significant, often leading to achieving fame and recognition. Individuals with the Moon in the twelfth house tend to have a restless nature and a keen interest in traveling.

In astrology, some easy measures have been suggested to reduce the inauspicious effects of Moon in the twelfth house, which are as follows: 

  • Keep a fast on Thursday in the week and offer water to the Peepal tree daily.
  • Recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • Respect your elders, mother, father and teachers.
  • Travel to religious places as much as possible.
  • Wear gold in the ears.
  • As per astrological advice, one can wear gemstones to pacify the moon.
  • One should perform the worship of the moon yantra according to the prescribed rituals.
  • As per astrological advice, wearing a pearl (moti) and carrying a crystal (sphatik) rosary or a two-faced Rudraksha is recommended to strengthen the Moon (Chandra) in one’s horoscope.

In conclusion, considering the effects of the Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope, it can be inferred that individuals with such placements tend to be contemplative and deeply immersed in emotions. They are often perceived as introverted personalities, but in reality, this may not always be the case. Additionally, they may feel the need to spend more time in seclusion or in a particular environment. Such individuals need to make efforts to present themselves as more capable of adapting and changing their mindset for others to perceive them differently.

Furthermore, individuals with such placements are advised to maintain control over their emotions. Otherwise, they may have to face the adverse and negative effects of the Moon. However, according to Vedic astrology, remedies are mentioned to alleviate all unfavorable circumstances related to the Moon. These remedies help in mitigating the negative influences of the Moon and achieving liberation from its adverse effects.

Q- How do you fix the Moon in the twelfth house of a horoscope?

An- Individuals with the Moon in the twelfth house need regular moments of solitude to correct or re-energize themselves. However, this habit can separate them from others and may be misunderstood by people around them.

Q- How do you know whether your Moon is strong or weak in your birth chart?

An- In astrology, the Moon can be considered weak or afflicted, or it can be influential. Therefore, when an astrologer says that the Moon is in a weak position, it implies that it is unhappy or afflicted by other planets and may not fully deliver its results.

Q- Who is the enemy of the Moon?

An- The majority of planets consider the Moon as a friend, but Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu do not favor it. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are friends, but Mars only has enmity with the Moon.

Q- Which moon is auspicious?

An- In astrology, the Moon is also referred to as a feminine planet. It rules over the Cancer zodiac sign and the Rohini, Hasta, and Shravana constellations, signifying auspiciousness.

Q- Does the Moon in the twelfth house in the horoscope give auspicious results?

An- Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope i.e. the house of salvation does not give particularly auspicious results.

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