बारहवें भाव में बुध ग्रह | Mercury in the 12th house: Know the Effect of Mercury in the 12 house of the Birthchart


बारहवें भाव में बुध ग्रह

Mercury in the 12th house: Introduction

Mercury, a “neutral planet” in Vedic astrology, is said to control the brain, intellect, communication, and comprehension. Mercury’s position in the horoscope can influence psychological attributes like reasoning, coordination, and ideas. Planetary occupants are highly intelligent, entertaining, and excellent students. These indigenous people are inventive and grow into exceptional individuals.

According to astrology, the twelfth house of the horoscope is the last house of the horoscope and is also the last part of the life of the person. The 12th house is the last house when calculated from the first house (Lagna). So it in a way refers to the end of the life cycle of a human being. As it began, it also ends. Similarly, the ascendant is an indicator of the beginning of life; So the twelfth house represents the end of life. Lagna (1st house) is the lifestyle of the native; So the complete inclusion and expenditure of its energy lie in this twelfth house. Therefore, this house is also called the ‘house of expenditure’.

Mercury in this house makes the person a part of humiliation in the society. Along with this, the person indulges in addiction and unproductive work. Due to the effect of weak or afflicted Mercury in the 12th house, mental distress is also received. He easily comes under the influence of others and also gets hurt. But exalted Mercury brings interest in spirituality, and occult sciences as well as great respect.

Our Astrologer, Mr. Bharat shared with us the auspicious and inauspicious results of Mercury in the 12th house of your birth chart. Let us explore the world of astrology in the rest of the article – 

Mercury in the 12th house: Positive Effects 

Mercury in the 12th house promotes advanced study, philosophical studies, communion with spirits, and esoteric knowledge. You will have a great psychic capacity to gather knowledge from other worlds and transmit it to the actual world. Your rational and analytical thinking originates in the imaginative realm, which many people do not comprehend. Because of this, your intellect is misconstrued.

Acharya Bharat

You will travel much throughout your life and eventually reside overseas. You will be prosperous and able to enjoy life to the fullest while lavishly spending money. You will begin your profession with a low salary but rise to high heights in terms of finances and career. You will have high-level contacts and live a high-class aristocratic lifestyle. You will excel in adventure sports, martial arts, merchant marine, import and export company, currency trading, share market, investment stockbroker, and other fields. Mercury in the 12th house will provide you with a job outside of the public eye, and perhaps even in seclusion. You may get interested in poetry, writing, editing, or journalism.

Mercury in the 12th house: Negative Effects 

The 12th house is the home of losses of all kinds, including love, money, intelligence, and so on. It is a truly spiritual mansion that links you to other realms and dimensions and depicts things we are unfamiliar with. It’s a residence in a strange nation. Mercury in the 12th house will make you less talkative with others, more shy and secretive in conversation, and will cause you to withdraw.

A negative Mercury in the 12th house causes a lot of difficulties, lack of money, and instability in work and relationships till early in life. You will be stubborn, egotistical, and obstinate, and you will not listen to anyone’s advice. You may make rash and immature judgements that result in massive losses. You will be unconventional and engage in immoral behaviour. When it comes to having your task done by others, you will be astute and astute. You will have a low sperm count and sexual issues, which may result in physical incompatibility with your partner.

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Mercury in the 12th house

Mercury in the 12th house: Conclusion  

According to all the calculations of astrology, we come to know that, the 12th house in the horoscope also represents the ‘salvation’ of the native. Which means- ‘final liberation from the cycle of birth and death’. This house opens the door for you to be free from the cycle of birth and rebirth, till the end. And gives you ultimate peace. This house of the horoscope also shows the supremacy of truth, knowledge and immortality.

If you want to know about the effects of other planets in this house, then stay tuned, we are coming up with new content every day! 

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Mercury Planet in the 12th house: FAQ

Q- Which are the ruling planets of the twelfth house in the horoscope?

An- The ruling planets of the twelfth house in the horoscope are Ketu and Venus.

Q- What does the twelfth house in the horoscope represent?

An- In the twelfth house in the horoscope, the knowledge of our subconscious and hidden nature is obtained. In Vedic astrology, this house is called the house of ‘expenditure’. It is a sense of loss, liberation, separation and decline.

Q- Does Mercury in the twelfth house give good results to the native?

An- Yes, Mercury in the 12th house with benefic planets gives good results to the native.

Q- How is the career of the person if Mercury is in the twelfth house?

An- With the influence of Mercury in the twelfth house, the native can become a good speaker and scholar.

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