Mercury in 8th house: Know what will be its positive & negative effects on life.


अष्टम भाव में बुध ग्रह

Mercury in the 8th house: Introduction 

According to astrological calculations, the eighth house in your birth chart has been given the name of ‘age house’. This house is considered one of the most important houses in the horoscope. Information related to debt, death, longevity and sudden unexpected events is obtained in this house. The ruling planets of the eighth house are Saturn and Ketu. 

The planet of intelligence, communication, and a keen, analytical mind is Mercury. The higher aspects of human existence, including mental characteristics and attributes, are catered to on this planet. In Vedic astrology, the 8th house is regarded as being malefic.

It’s possible that the Combust Mercury in the 8th House may make you gullible and arrogant about a lot of things that aren’t really true. Your arrogance and irresponsible attitude might ruin your intelligence. You can be prone to self-destruction. You could be a control freak for your partner or spouse, which might only serve to keep partnerships together temporarily. At an early age, you could require greater financial stability. In old age, your speech may become impaired, and others may disregard you. While in romantic relationships, you could experience sorrow and pain, you might also mature spiritually as you grow.

Our Astrologer, Mr. Bharat shared with us the auspicious and inauspicious results of Mercury in the 8th house of your birth chart. Let us explore the world of astrology in the rest of the article –  

Mercury in 8th house Positive effect

The natives with Mercury in the 8th house will be lucky in certain aspects of their lives. They will have a sharp mind when it comes to financing, medicine and other subjects. Such people perform very well in the subject of research and investigation. Also, they will show excellence in management, planning, communication and problem-solving abilities. They might show interest in witchcraft, astrology, hypnosis and metaphysics.

They will speak with great authority and others will listen to them with great interest. They also have assertive command in their social life. People around them will believe whatever the person says to them.

With the auspicious effect of Mercury in this house, you will be very suitable for professions related to various fields of research and investigation. You can also become a spy or join various intelligence agencies. Natives with Mercury in this house should make proper use of their ability to communicate plans and ideas to their advantage. 

Acharya Bharat

Mercury in 8th house Negative Effect:

Now let’s talk about the negative changes that happen due to Mercury in the 8th house of the horoscope-

Due to this influence, the native gets involved in witchcraft and high state of mind and his attitude does not allow him to go in the right direction. Such people are very unpredictable in their conversations. Also, others may find it very difficult to understand this person. Others may not even understand what they want to say. Many people find this puzzling.

Apart from this, you may have to deal with things like writing a will and cremation sites, funeral homes, criminal investigation etc. Native’s death may be due to respiratory failure or travel.

One area that is mainly guarded by this house is your emotions. Because of this, their marriage can also be in danger due to their attitude. Partners of these people are often left wondering what is going on in their minds. This can make the partner feel insecure. In such a situation, from time to time, you should try and give your partner a chance to understand your feelings. This will help keep all your close relationships strong.

Mercury in 8th house

Mercury in 8th house: Conclusion

Thus, the people with Mercury in the 8th house are analytical in their approach and investigative nature. However, they should be more open to those who are close. Only then will one will be able to integrate with others and live a fulfilling and wholesome life. 

Apart from this, if they are suffering from any problem, then those problems can be solved by taking measures like talking to other people.  

In conclusion, Mercury’s influence on each house in our birth chart can have a significant impact on our lives. By understanding this influence, individuals can make better decisions and take advantage of their natural talents and abilities.

If you want to remedy the negative effects of mercury in the 7th house, then you can contact our astrologers today who are experienced Acharyas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Which are the ruling planets of the eighth house in the horoscope?

An- Saturn and Ketu are the Lords of the eighth house in the horoscope.

Q- What is the effect of Mercury in the eighth house?

An- Due to the influence of Mercury in the eighth house, the native becomes a happy and self-respecting person.

Q- What does the eighth house of the horoscope represent?

An- Information related to debt, death, longevity and sudden unexpected events is obtained in the eighth house of the horoscope.

Q- Does Mercury in the eighth house of the horoscope affect the married life of the native?

An- Yes, due to the effect of Mercury in the eighth house, there may be some problems in the married life of the native.

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