Will the presence of Mars in the 12th house of the horoscope be inauspicious?


According to Vedic astrology, the planet Mars in the twelfth house of the birth chart brings a lot of anger, frustration, and delays in the areas of marital life and career for the native. Mars in the twelfth house of the birth chart makes the native quite lazy and prone to unnecessary expenses, leading to a lot of debt for the native. However, according to astrology, success and prosperity in the career are achieved after marriage at the age of 30.

In the twelfth house of the birth chart, the planet Mars makes the native secretive and socially active; such individuals may need to travel abroad continuously for work. This allows them to depict their experiences to others in a completely unique way. Furthermore, if Mars in the twelfth house is not in conjunction with any other malefic planet and instead forms a positive and beneficial combination, it can provide the native with a high level of sexual satisfaction and joy from various partners. Mars in the twelfth house of the birth chart can form a ‘Guru Mangal Yoga’ with Jupiter, which can make the native abundant and prosperous.

In astrological calculations, the twelfth house of the birth chart (representing the subconscious, expenditure, and imagination) indicates an extremely enthusiastic, prosperous, and imaginative disposition along with a creative power, which assists in various activities where powerful insights and thoughts are required.

In the twelfth house of the birth chart, the planet Mars remains lost in the subconscious mind and seeks spirituality, education, culture, and other various things for the peace of its restless mind. However, the native cannot choose one path for themselves. The twelfth house represents seclusion, indicating that either the native will describe jail/shelter or will be involved in it, even if it’s a subtle offense.

Additionally, in the twelfth house of the birth chart, Mars represents dreams, imagination, and pleasures, which is the house of the native’s sexual activities where they invest energy. Individuals with Mars in the twelfth house of their birth chart may have to travel abroad continuously for work, where they transform their energy into productive endeavors in their professional life through Mars.

In the twelfth house of the birth chart, the planet Mars indicates detachment from the physical world for the native, suggesting that the individual may be a solitary researcher or a field scientist working in a foreign land. The native may receive blessings of imaginative and fervent creative ideas, which could potentially make them a renowned and creative writer.

In the twelfth house of the birth chart, the planet Mars can make you introverted and contemplative, potentially suppressing your emotions at a young age. Failures and disappointments in love relationships are possible. However, socially, you may be active, engaging, open-minded, generous, and sociable. You may need to travel abroad continuously or frequently for work, where your energy will be productive, leading to development and success in your career. Like a scientist, you may engage in research-oriented work there but may be alone without your family. You could also become a writer because Mars in the twelfth house gifts you with the talent for writing and expression, enabling you to depict your experiences in a unique way.

In the calculations of astrology, this position of Mrs. X can make you extravagant, and due to irrational expenses, you may incur debts as well. Your appearance may differ from your true personality, and your behavior will always surprise others. You will travel to foreign lands and explore the world and its emotions. However, Mars in the twelfth house will not enable you to recognize your strength, meaning you may have the ability but may not be able to apply it and benefit from your talent during your youth.

Individuals with Mars in the twelfth house may face threats during childhood and may struggle to stand up for themselves without acknowledging the fierce Mars energy. They may experience childhood bullying or some form of physical abuse in school. This often suppresses the role of parents and creates problems. In some cases, these individuals may adopt a significant and contrary direction, becoming adults who harm others in the community to express their anger. In this house, Mars’ positive position provides techniques for spiritual liberation and attaining higher knowledge. A negative position may turn the individual deceitful or cruel. In extreme malefic combinations, the individual may face imprisonment or be punished for the criminal actions of others. The conjunction of a benefic or auspicious planet may offer some relief from these harsh conditions.

Mars positioned in the twelfth house of the birth chart may indicate eye-related ailments such as redness or other eye disorders. The individual may also be prone to eye injuries, which could lead to eye ailments due to the injury. If Rahu is also present along with Mars in the twelfth house, there’s a possibility of eye-related ailments due to the use of incorrect medication. According to astrology, if Mars is located in the twelfth house of a woman’s horoscope, there is a risk of undergoing hysterectomy surgery. There’s also a possibility of injuries to the left side of a woman’s body, including the eyes, ears, feet, or hands.

Since this house represents the subconscious mind, individuals with Mars here often excel in the realms of intense or aggressive imagination or creativity. Mars, as the planet of instinct and action, provides the ability to channel adept thoughts into action. In rare cases, these individuals also face challenges from hidden enemies. They may damage their social image or inflict physical harm upon themselves. 

Furthermore, Mars casting its aspect on the third and seventh houses from the twelfth house enhances the desire for material comforts and wealth. If Mars is associated with benefic planets, these desires remain under control, aiding the individual in focusing on spiritual life. Conversely, if Mars is linked with malefic planets, the individual may overly focus on sexual or physical desires. In adverse situations, Mars’s placement can harm their financial condition, leading to substantial debts. The power of Mars determines whether these debts are utilized for entrepreneurial ventures or define the goodness of these loans.

In the twelfth house of the birth chart, the positive position of Saturn and the lord of the twelfth house are crucial for enhancing the auspicious nature of Mars. The twelfth house is associated with loss or renunciation, and because Mars is a planet of ambitions, it may feel out of place in this house. A strong Mars, however, feels liberated in this house and creates magnificent opportunities or actively engages. If Mars is strong, the individual can emotionally react and suppress their negative tendencies effectively. 

It is highly likely that they can secretly keep an eye on their enemies, regardless of what they may have against them. These are hidden good opinions and are well preserved in their minds. It is advised that they redirect all their good energy towards turning their enemies into friends. When the aggressive planet Mars is associated with benefic planets, the individual enjoys a better standard of living and a powerful career.

The placement of Mars in this house can involve the native in sinful activities, leading them towards isolation or a solitary environment. This position of Mars provides a corrupt nature or a hidden agenda in all their activities. They exhibit various traits – cunning, competitive, and opportunistic. They may face loss of fame or reputation due to their hidden enemies. They might appear constantly worried or stressed amidst their busy lives. Positively, they can use their multifaceted nature to overcome their enemies through strategic means.

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Q.  What happens if Mars is in the twelfth house of the horoscope?

An.  This position of Mars controls the matters related to wrong actions like behavior, expenditure, bribery, unhappiness, criminal acts, punishment etc. Apart from this, this house is also responsible for loss related to children and pregnancy and delivery.

Q.  Is Mars weak in the twelfth house of the horoscope?

An.  There is a big problem in life due to the influence of Mars in the twelfth house of the horoscope, they will not be able to form a strong bond or emotional relationship with their partner in life. And there will be times when they will have to face many health problems.

Q.  What happens when Mars becomes brighter?

An. If Mars is very strong then the person’s relationship with his family gets spoiled. If there is lower Mars Yoga in the horoscope, they lack self-confidence and courage.

Q.  What to do to pacify Mars?

An.  Ways to pacify Mars

  • Tie fennel seeds in a red cloth and keep it in your bedroom.
  • Mars affected people must install red stone in their house.
  • Consuming sweets to loved ones also becomes auspicious.
  • Tie two handfuls of lentils in a red cloth and donate them to a beggar on Tuesday.

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