Know what will be the result of Ketu in the first house of your horoscope


According to Vedic astrology, if the planet Ketu is situated in the first house of a person’s birth chart, then this posited planet Ketu gives the person desired success in business, service sector or business. Along with this, the person can get good success in the spiritual field as well, sometimes his family life can be tied. Along with this, there can also be a problem of headache.

Acharya Shri Gopal Ji, an expert in Vedic astrology of ‘Mangal Bhavan’, says that the planet Ketu affects all the 12 houses of the horoscope in different ways. The result of these effects is directly visible to the native in his life as well.

Ketu is a malefic planet in astrology, but if Ketu केतु ग्रह  is strong in the horoscope, then natives get good results from it whereas when afflicted or weak, it gives inauspicious results. Let us know in detail how the planet Ketu affects the first house-

Planet Ketu in the first house: Significance

In astrology, the planet Ketu has been termed as an inauspicious planet. However, it is not that the person always gets bad results through Ketu. The person also gets auspicious results through the planet Ketu because Ketu is considered to be the factor of spirituality, quietness, salvation, tantrik knowledge etc.

According to astrology, the planet Rahu does not have ownership of any zodiac sign. But Sagittarius is debilitated by Rahu and exalted by Ketu, whereas in Gemini, Ketu is debilitated and Rahu is exalted. On the other hand, in 27 constellations, the planet Ketu has been called the lord of Ashwini, Magha and Mool Nakshatra. According to Vedic scriptures, the planet Ketu is the torso of the demon Swara Bhanu. While the part of his head has been called the planet Rahu.

In the birth chart, the first house i.e. ascendant house is very important. The factor of the first house is called the planet Sun. This house gives an understanding of the physical structure, form, color, knowledge, nature, childhood and age etc. of the person. The lord of the first house is called Lagnesh. Even if the lord of the Ascendant house is a malefic planet, it gives good results.

Planet Ketu in the first house: Auspicious and inauspicious effects

  • Planet Ketu in the first house does not give auspicious results in most of the cases. Nevertheless, some auspicious results are definitely received somewhere. Due to its auspicious effect, you are a person who believes in hard work and on the basis of your hard work, such a person can become rich.
  • If these people get the support of their brothers and sisters, then their life is more happy. But due to the inauspiciousness of the planet Ketu, these people can become fickle and fearful in mind. As soon as there is a slight difficulty or problem, they think of running away.
  • Such people, you always get disturbed and worried due to fear. Due to the effect of planet Ketu, nervousness also remains in the mind. Such people always struggle with the pain of mental confusion and mental tension.
  • Such people can associate themselves with bad people. These people can believe more on lying. Your interest in pursuing education may decrease or there may be some problems in getting education. But, however, you will feel remorse later on for the deliberate negligence towards studies.
  • Along with this, these people will suffer from their brothers and sisters and they will also tolerate them. There may also be such a situation that the brothers and brothers of these people have to suffer or have trouble with the brothers and brothers.
  • Due to the inauspicious effects of Ketu in this house, the life partner of the native may suffer to some extent or there may be a situation of worry regarding the life partner or children. There will be fear from evil people.
  • You are always advised to keep your company with good people. Gout can cause pain in your body. Stomach related problems can also remain.

   some things to keep in mind

  1. Don’t donate in the morning and evening if the Sun is in the seventh house.
  2. Maintain good relations with wife.
  3. Stay away from any kind of addiction and drug habits.
  4. Do not give money to your child for food and drink.

  Remedies to reduce the effect of Ketu

  1. Feed jaggery to monkeys.
  2. Apply saffron tilak on the forehead.
  3. Worship Vighnaharta Ganesha.
  4. If Saturn and Mars are inauspicious, then take measures for them.
  5. Donate black and white colored clothes or blankets in any temple.

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Planet Ketu is considered a part or form of Rahu. It can compensate for the damage done by the planet Rahu. According to astrology, if the planet Rahu leads you towards evil, then the planet Ketu gives you the ability to be aware of that evil, that you are in the wrong place. But this also does not happen easily. Planet Ketu will first implement some incidents in your life, which can disturb you badly. But, soon you will also realize that you need to change. You will live a happy life only if you are good.

Ketu in 1st house Astrology Related- FAQ-

Q- What results does Ketu give in the first house?

An- If the planet Ketu is situated in the first house in the birth chart of a person, then this posited planet Ketu gives the person desired success in business, service sector or business.

Q- Whose place is the first house in the horoscope?

An- The first house in the horoscope is called Lagna Bhava, it means ‘self’.

Q- Does the planet Ketu always give inauspicious results?

An- No, there are auspicious results from the planet Ketu.

Q- Who are the ruling planets of the first house?

An- The ruling planet of the first house is Mars.

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